Biden Gives Interview With Seth Meyers

President Biden recently sat down with late-night host Seth Meyers for a typical interview.

Biden was asked a series of questions, and, oh boy, it didn’t go well.

Meyers asked Biden about people concerned about his age:

“How do you address that concern to the voters?” Meyers asked.

“A couple things. Number one, you gotta take a look at the other guy. He’s about as old as I am, but he can’t remember his wife’s name,” Biden quipped.
“They told us we couldn’t get ’em done ’cause things were so divided and, but I think everything’s everything we’ve gotten done. He’s just friendly state he wants to do away with, he gets elected and I really think his views on where to take America are older than… anyway,” Biden added.

Biden failed to mention this little gaffe.

Later in the interview, Biden was asked about his “2024 agenda,” and Biden said his “2020 agenda is to finish the job.”


Not sure why he keeps bringing up this story but it’s nuts.

That same day, Meyers and Biden went to get ice cream in New York City and Biden was very distracted.


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