Biden Gives Speech During Greek Independence Day, Holds Reception

Oh boy, for some reason, the President decided to host a reception at the White House for Greek Independence Day.

Of course, what wouldn’t be a White House event without the President speaking but it turned into a mess.

The virtue signaling was almost a sight to behold.

Biden said, “The only reason I’m able to stand here is because of the Greek community. that’s not hyperbole!”

After a statement like that, you almost need to put on hip waders. Redstate reported that they could not find any data to support Biden’s claim.

At one point, Biden got confused. He actually spoke to the teleprompter guy.

Then he got confused again.

He also decided to tell stories again.

But Joe was not alone in the insanity, that’s right, Vice President Kamala Harris would not be outdone by Joe.

Kamala Harris actually claimed the NCAA women’s basketball tournament was “not allowed to have brackets until 2022.”

Apparently, Kamala Harris didn’t realize there is this thing called the internet and previous posts on social media accounts can be viewed. Guess what people found? Kamala Harris in 2021 talking about filling out brackets for the women’s NCAA tournament.

Below are social media post from 2021. The post below is from the Second Gentlemen, Kamala’s husband Douglas Emhoff. After she asked him who he was picking, Emhoff posted his 2021 bracket for the mens and womens NCAA tournaments. In the images below the mens are on the left and the women’s is on the right.


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