Streisand & News Host Comments On Remarks

There’s been a string of new talking points that are being spouted by left-wing talking heads like Joe Scarborough and Barbra Streisand, and it’s pathetically hilarious.

“Anyone who watched any of Trump’s recent rallies should be concerned. He slurs his words and frequently uses words completely out of context.  Some of his sentences are utter gibberish. He also confused Obama with Biden about who is President. The media needs to cover this,” wrote Barbra Streisand on social media.

I mean seriously, the guy had to be led off the stage because he gets lost.

The split screen says a lot.

Since the left says context matters, below are former President Trump’s remarks while at the southern border.

One final example, below is a clip from former President Trump from a speech on March 5, 2024. Underneath it are remarks given by Biden the same week.


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