Jillian Michaels Gets Into Debate With Bill Maher

Fitness/TV Star Jillian Michaels spoke with the truth of a saint and still dense liberals couldn’t understand what she was saying.

Recently, Michaels appeared on Bill Maher’s podcast to discuss several issues and she hammered him for not understanding what Americans are dealing.

Maher stated that he thought it was amazing that the American economy came out better than other nations following 2020.

“We did? I don’t feel that way,” Michaels pushed back. “Explain it to me. I feel like inflation’s insane.”

Maher said that “inflation is not insane,” and Michaels pounced.

“I understand,” the comedian said.

“A house has tripled here,” Michaels added.

“Look, I get that people —” Maher began.

“Buy some f*cking eggs!” Michaels said.

After that, Maher tried to give some long-winded examples about what the numbers actually say; however, it sure sounds like he doesn’t do the grocery shopping.

“There’s feelings and then there’s the numbers,” the podcast host said claiming “the numbers have come down a lot in the last six months.” The initial problem, he believed, was the “inevitable” result of the COVID stimulus plan where the government “gave out $6 trillion so that everybody could hide under the bed from the forever flu. That was never going to end well.”

My bank account doesn’t have feelings; it has money, and it takes more of it to go grocery shopping.

“I think America’s just like a teenage boy. Stupid, but strong. Nothing stops you and yes, we’re driving at 80 miles an hour with the top down along Mulholland, but somehow, unless we — and we could go over the side. Totally,” he said, adding, “as of now, we’re having a good time.”

“I think some of it we’re going to get away with,” Michaels said, “and some of it, we’re not.”

“Absolutely,” Maher agreed.

Jokingly, on Valentine’s Day, Michaels reiterated her point about the price of chocolate.


When these discussions occur, you can tell who buys groceries for themselves and who doesn’t.


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