Joe ‘Ban Everything’ Biden Announces More Bans For Your Safety – Watch

President Joe “Ban Everything” Biden has just announced even more bans for your safety.

While giving one of the worst speeches of his presidency, Biden announced more bans and mocked the Constitution.

“And I’ll say what I said then and I’ll say it over and over again: I am going to get assault weapons banned.  I did it once, and I’m going to do it again,” Biden said.

Fresh off trying to ban gas stoves, the President announced he is going to ban the number of bullets allowed in magazines.

“There’s no social redeeming value.  Deer aren’t wearing Kevlar vests out there.  What the hell do you need an assault –no, I’m serious. And ban the number of bullets that go in a magazine.  There’s no — no need for any of that.”

Then he mocked the Constitution.

“I love my right-wing friends who talk about ‘the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots.’  Give me a — if you need to worry about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s,” Biden said. “You don’t need an AR-15.  I’m serious.  Think about it.  Think about the rationale for this.  It’s about money — money, money, money.”

Biden’s MLK Day speech was truly a site to behold.

It’s almost too cringy to watch…

President Biden is quickly turning into President Banning.


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