Hochel Interview Gets Attention After Comments

Hey everyone, let’s dive into the latest political drama making waves in New York! Governor Kathy Hochul stirred up quite a storm on Thursday when she took a jab at supporters of Donald Trump, labeling them as “clowns.” This remark is drawing comparisons to Hillary Clinton’s infamous “basket of deplorables” comment from 2016.

Hochul made her fiery comments during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. She was expressing her confidence in President Joe Biden’s chances in New York, just ahead of Trump’s rally in the Bronx. “I’ll tell you what won’t make a difference at all, Jake, and that’s for Donald Trump to be the ringleader and invite all his clowns to a place like the Bronx,” Hochul declared. She didn’t hold back, adding, “If he wants to spend his time doing these made-up fake rallies and pretending there’s support here, be my guest.”

This didn’t sit well with New York Conservative Party Chairman Gerald Kassar. He hit back, pointing out Trump’s connection to the Bronx and criticizing Hochul’s comments. “He has probably spent more time in the Bronx in his life than she has spent in hers,” Kassar told the Post. He further suggested Hochul should step out of her “ivory tower in midtown Manhattan” and recognize Trump’s popularity among Hispanic voters in the Bronx.

Meanwhile, Trump was trying to bring Americans together.

Hochul’s comments quickly sparked backlash, with some drawing parallels to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 gaffe. Clinton had infamously said, “You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables,’” a remark that many saw as dismissive and elitist.

Adding fuel to the fire, a statewide Siena College poll earlier this year showed that Trump enjoys nearly the same level of support among Hispanic voters as Biden does.

While Biden carried New York easily in 2020, securing just over 60% of the vote, he has a 9 point lead now.

Not to mention that Bronx residents weren’t too happy with their governor either.


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