Kamala Gives Comments While Speaking In Michigan

Hello everyone! We’ve got quite a bit of news to cover today, starting with Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent campaign stop in Detroit. While addressing the Michigan Democratic Party dinner, Harris was interrupted by a heckler despite pandering.

As Vice President Kamala Harris opened her speech by pandering: “Before I begin, I just say a few words about the morning, which I know weighs heavily on all of our hearts. On October 7th, Hamas committed a brutal massacre of 1,200 innocent people and abducted 250 hostages.”

“Thankfully four of those hostages were reunited with their families tonight. And we mourn all of the innocent lives that have been lost in Gaza, including those tragically killed today.”

During another moment, Harris (after pandering), a pro-Palestine activist, heckled her. Kamala said, “I value and respect your voice, but I’m speaking right now.”


In addition to her comments on Gaza, Harris took the opportunity to criticize former President Donald Trump, calling him a “cheater” and questioning his suitability to run for office following his recent convictions. She asserted, “Simply put, Donald Trump thinks he is above the law. This should be disqualifying for anyone who wants to be President of the United States.”

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Trump made a bold promise during a rally just miles from the Las Vegas Strip. He pledged to eliminate taxes on tips for service workers if elected in November, stating, “This is the first time I’ve said this, and for those hotel workers and people that get tips, you’re going to be very happy because when I get to office, we are going to not charge taxes on tips.”

Fox News contributors Johnny “Joey” Jones and Cheryl Casone discussed the potential impact of Trump’s promise. Casone highlighted the financial struggles many Nevadans face, noting that 49% feel they are falling behind financially, while only 13% feel they are getting ahead.

What a difference between the two.



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