McDaniel Salary Report Dumps Gas On Effort To Oust Her As GOP Head

Apparently, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has done some inflation of her own. As she prepares for reelection this week, she’s facing stiff competition from two challengers. But it’s not just the candidates vying for her seat that are making this race noteworthy. It’s also McDaniel’s salary that’s raising eyebrows.

Since her tenure began six years ago, McDaniel’s salary has more than doubled, far exceeding the pay of any of her predecessors. Her first-year salary was $122,582, which increased to $146,048 in 2018 and $285,498 in 2019. In 2020, McDaniel was paid $410,640 and in 2021 she earned $396,592. For the first 11 months of 2022, she made $358,431.

In comparison, her predecessor Reince Priebus was paid $152,874 during his first year in 2011, and $201,619 in 2015, then $257,782 in 2016 and $57,232 in 2017. Prior to Priebus, Michael Steele earned $114,839 as RNC chair in 2009, then $136,959 in 2010 and $18,733 in 2011.

McDaniel’s spokesperson has defended the high salary, saying that it’s comparable to that of previous chairs and any bonuses are voted upon by the RNC Budget Committee.

But regardless of her salary, it’s clear that the RNC has been taking a beating since she took the helm. The GOP lost both the White House and Senate in 2020 and failed to regain the Senate in 2022. As a result, several state Republican parties have called for new leadership and a Convention of States Action survey found that 73% of Republican voters said a new person should be elected to lead the RNC.

The Republican party in Texas and Arizona have both sent letters of no confidence and GOP mega-donors are turning on the Romney relative.

As McDaniel vyes for a fourth term she contributed to the GOP losing the Senate. Under her tenure, the GOP has lost the House twice and the Senate. Thanks to her “leadership” the House was able to impeach Trump twice all while she paid herself well.

McDaniel is just another typical RINO.

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