Media Comments On Trump Response

Donald Trump has understandably been unrelenting in his criticism of Joe Biden over the years, partly because he’s a political rival and also due to his apparent genuine dislike for Biden. This criticism has increased significantly as legal battles intensified, with Trump utilizing every tool at his disposal, most notably his social media platform, Truth Social, to emphasize his view that the Biden family, particularly Joe, is corrupt.

Since 2016, one criticism Trump has faced, even from some on the right, is his lack of a filter. There are times when he perhaps should lay low and let situations unfold on their own, but he often chooses not to. Trump, like many public figures on the right, does not adhere to the “silence is golden” philosophy, partly due to his nature and also because he knows if he doesn’t make a fuss over an issue, who will?

Following Biden’s disastrous Thursday debate performance, along with Democratic implosions, donor freakouts, and media losing their minds, one might expect Trump to take a victory lap, saying “Told you so!” Surprisingly, he has not. Outside of a few posts about Biden’s performance and its implications, the bulk of his Truth Social activity has focused on the SCOTUS immunity ruling and other matters related to the left’s legal campaigns against him.

In other words, Trump appears to be observing the “silence is golden” rule on this topic, for now at least. This unusual tactic for him is earning praise and it’s really driving the mainstream media crazy.

How do we know this? They are talking about how frustrating it is that Trump is just sitting back and watching the fireworks.

The media desperately wants something else to talk about and Trump isn’t going to give it to them.

One thing about former President Trump is usually always true. He really knows how to goad the media.


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