Police Shooting Under Investigation

On March 21, 2024, in Humboldt Park, Chicago, a traffic stop escalated into a police-involved shooting. Dexter Reed, 26 years old, was shot and killed by Chicago police during a traffic stop. 

Dexter’s family, alongside their attorney Andrew Stroth, stood outside the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, also known as COPA, to demand justice. They’re calling for criminal charges against the officers involved. This comes after COPA released video footage of the shooting, which has only added to the questions surrounding the actions of the police that day.

The footage shows a tense situation. According to COPA, it appears Dexter fired first after officers surrounded his car during the stop. But Dexter’s family and their legal team are questioning why the situation escalated to such a degree over a traffic stop, supposedly for not wearing a seatbelt.

They’re asking why five tactical officers needed to approach Dexter’s car with guns drawn. This kind of response seems disproportionate, especially for a traffic violation. This raises broader questions about policing tactics in the city.

Dexter had previous encounters with the law, including arrests last year. In June of 2023 he was arrested on June, he was arrested on misdemeanor theft charges, and in July of 2023 he was arrested on weapons charges.

COPA’s investigation into the incident is ongoing. They’ve pointed out inconsistencies, especially regarding the initial reason for the traffic stop. Their findings suggest there are “serious concerns” about the validity of the stop, which originally was claimed to be due to a seatbelt violation.

Meanwhile, the media is going all in again.

It also appears that CNN reporter Omar Jimenez deleted his post after he was fact checked on X (Twitter).

Jimenez did follow up on why he deleted the post. The reporter claimed that he didn’t have good cell service so he delted the “poorly worded tweet.”

Below is a video showing how the media is framing the story.


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