Biden Speaks At NACO After Rough Week

Biden spoke before the National Association of Counties after a terrible week.

The drama started after the report from special counsel Robert Hur was released, and despite it showing no charges would be filed, it was not good news for Biden.

The report highlighted that Biden is an elderly man with severe memory problems, which have caused a political firestorm.

Even the far-left publication “The Nation” is begging Biden’s surrogates to stop defending Biden because they are “dragging him to the bottom of the ocean.”

They claim that Biden is just an 81-year-old man who is “visibly aging.” Wishing that staffers would “release videos of Briden’s private brilliance.”

Folks, if there was “private brilliance,” they would have shown it to us by now.

The report also revealed that Biden is furious with Attorney General Merrick Garland and doesn’t believe the Attorney General did “not do enough to rein in a special counsel report stating that the president had diminished mental faculties, according to two people close to the president, as White House frustration with the head of the Justice Department grows.”

Leave it to a Democrat to be exonerated from a crime and still complain.

To make matters worse after the special council report decided to take questions and it was a hot mess.

A few days later, Biden made a public speech, and if he was hoping to quell worries, it didn’t work.

Not only was his gaslighting on full display, but Joe still struggled to get through a speech without making a gaffe.


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