WH Responds To Claims About Official

A top Biden White House official, Anthony Bernal, is under scrutiny for allegations spanning over a decade. These allegations include verbal sexual harassment and bullying, raising questions about the environment fostered at the White House and the broader implications for professional ethics in such prominent institutions.

Anthony Bernal, who serves as First Lady Jill Biden’s top aide, is alleged to have engaged in behavior that includes making unwelcome and inappropriate comments regarding the physical attributes of colleagues and speculating about their personal lives. This behavior is reported to have occurred not only in the current administration but also during previous roles in President Biden’s campaign and vice presidency under President Obama.

Sources have come forward, sharing instances where Bernal speculated on colleagues’ sexual organ sizes, linking them to the size of their thumbs, and making comments on their sexuality. These comments were made in various settings, including the White House, showcasing a troubling pattern of behavior that aimed to assert power and make individuals uncomfortable.

The seriousness of these allegations is underscored by the characterization of Bernal’s actions as “Me Too — classic Me Too,” pointing to the broader movement that has sought to expose and address sexual harassment, especially in the workplace.

Despite these allegations, Bernal is described as “untouchable” due to his close relationship with the First Lady, being referred to as her “work husband.” This perceived protection raises concerns about accountability and the standards upheld within the administration, especially in light of President Biden’s promise to maintain a respectful workplace environment.

“Working for the Bidens is like living in another century,” a source told the New York Post. “You really cannot speak up without fear of personal or professional retaliation.

“He is by far the worst and most well-known abuser, but the Biden White House is a magnet for ugly and abusive workplace behavior. It’s totally inexcusable [in] this day [and] age, especially with Biden’s own narrative about standing up to bullies,” the source said.

“Her book and his stern lecture at the beginning of the administration about respect for colleagues is all bulls—. They couldn’t care less how staff is treated because staff is totally disposable to them. They’ve had a revolving door of staff catering to them for their entire adult lives,” the sourced added.

The White House responded to these allegations with statements affirming full confidence in Bernal’s character.

According to former staffers the Biden’s do not care how the staff is treated.

“There’s no way [Jill Biden] doesn’t know. It has been going on so long,” the source said. “I don’t think she has a lot of advisers willing to give her a gut check. I think she thinks that Anthony’s like her bulldog protecting her.”

Another source, a former White House staffer, said: “There is genuine frustration with the first lady among the staff inside the White House. How can you write a children’s book about your husband fighting bullies while your most senior staffer harasses and berates the staff in your own office and your husband’s team on a regular basis?”




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