Pelosi Comments On Media Reaction


Ok so, I don’t think i can really remember anything like this in a long time.

Come to think of it…I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the media just go after the top Democrat in the country.

So to keep track of stories I use a tool that allows me to look at multiple Twitter accounts and categorize them. It’s basically and easy way to see what people are posting without endlessly searching. On of those lists includes only reporters from the mainstream media.

As of the writing of this post the word from Biden’s team is that he’s staying in the race and the debate was just a bad night.

However, the onslaught from the mainstream media is unrelenting.

This all takes me back to something that Rush Limbaugh used to say when scandals would hit. If you were created by the media, you can be destroyed by the media. Since before Biden took office, the press has built him up, and now that they are done with him, they are tearing him down. Unlike former President Trump who they’ve thrown everything at and still can’t take him down.

So for fun, I thought I would just show you the drumbeat and below, I’m going to go straight down my list so you can see what members of the media are saying:

I’ll put their names and what network or publication they work with.

Andy Kaczynski, CNN:

Jake Tapper, CNN:

Chuck Todd, MSNBC:

Former Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan commenting on a post by Democrat activists lawyer:

Alayna Treene, CNN:

Amanda Terkel, NBC News:

Lastly, don’t look now, but Nancy, in about 48 hours, has gone from Trump’s dementia support Joe to Biden’s health is a legitimate question.

Here’s a fun update:

Folks have never seen anything like this and that’s just a taste. The left is in a full-throttled panic.


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