Obama’s Answer About Classified Docs Is Very Telling

President Biden’s classified document scandal continues to increase and since the revelations over the weekend, he’s only made one public appearance this week.

You may have also heard that former Mike Pence conducted a voluntary search and found documents. It appears that Pence didn’t like the fact he wasn’t getting any attention and decided to get his name back in the news cycle.

Now representatives for Obama were asked if the former president will conduct a search for documents and their answer was very telling.

“We have nothing for you at this time,” Hannah Hankins, the communications director for Obama, told Fox News Digital when asked if searches for classified material were underway.

Oh really?

Do you mean the former president doesn’t want to ensure the security of the United States?

There was also another report on CNN that was very telling.

The left-wing network recently ran a report stating that both Bushes, Clinton, and Obama turned over classified material shortly after leaving office.

Human Event reporter Jack Posobiec speculates that the document scandal is an establishment-generated scandal, and the CNN report gives his theory some juice.

They think we forgot about Hillary’s little email issue.

Posobiec explains that it was Democrats who outted Joe and that it’s the Democrat establishment who’s posturing to sideline him.

Watch the video below:

Keep in mind this is speculation. However, you can’t help it when you see CNN insulate Obama, the Bush’s, and Clinton.

President Biden is expected to announce he’s running for president in 2024 in February. With all that has gone on it will be really interesting to see if that actually happens.


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