Student Loan Social Media Post Creates Debate

A House Democratic staff member is currently facing criticism for showing appreciation to President Biden after his student loan debt was canceled. Ben Kamens, the Communications Director for Ohio Representative Marcy Kaptur, revealed the news on his social media account on Wednesday. Kamens received a notice saying, “Congratulations! The Biden-Harris Administration has forgiven your federal student loan(s),” and shared that the total debt canceled amounted to $8,250.

The brag was especially out of touch with America, as reported by LegiStorm, Kaptur’s yearly income topped $80,000 in 2023, which is a stark contrast to the median household income in the 9th Congressional District, which Kaptur represents, at approximately $62,077 according to census data.

First off, he should be thanking the taxpayers because that’s who bailed him out.

Second, further proves how out of touch Democrats are.

Kamens’ post did not go unnoticed, especially considering Kaptur’s previous comments against Biden’s 2022 plan to cancel student loan debt. Kaptur questioned what the outcome would be for individuals who had already paid off their loans, those who didn’t incur the same level of debt, and those who deferred college. She also criticized the systemic issues in the student loan program and rebuked Biden for not consulting with Congress.

Kamens’ tweet quickly gained significant attention, eliciting a wide range of reactions, including from former Virginia Rep. Scott Taylor. Taylor highlighted that taxpayers had already contributed to paying off Kamens’ student loans during his tenure on Capitol Hill. He also noted that taxpayers are now fully covering the cost and possibly future classes Kamens may decide to enroll in.

Former aid to Ted Cruz, Steve Guest, also joined the conversation, pointing out that hardworking individuals such as plumbers, electricians, and mechanics are essentially paying for congressional staffers’ loans. Notably, journalist Doug Powers, Charles C. W. Cooke, Dominic Pino, and actor Dean Cain also criticized the move.

How out of touch with the common American are you when the economy is terrible, and you flex that your debt was wiped, making over $70k a year?

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