Israel Makes Moves Around Rafah

Israel has been making moves since Prime Minister Netanyahu’s call with President Biden.

President Joe Biden made an urgent call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, specifically discussing concerns about potential military actions in the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

During the conversation, which lasted about 30 minutes and was described by the White House as “constructive,” President Biden expressed his concern over the escalating situation. The discussion comes at a time when Israel appears to be preparing for a major military operation aimed at targeting Hamas militants in Rafah. This proposed action has drawn repeated warnings from President Biden and his top aides, emphasizing that such moves could lead to increased casualties and further despair in the already war-torn region.

In the U.S., protests on college campuses have been vocal in calling for a ceasefire, reflecting a growing unease among Americans about the ongoing conflict. Trying to appease the protestors, Biden has taken a wishy-washy stance, like creating a port in Gaza while saying he supports Israel. Biden has tried to play both side and now he looks like a chump.

John Kirby, the White House national security spokesman, highlighted the U.S. position, stating, “The president doesn’t want to see operations in Rafah that put at greater risk the more than a million people that are seeking refuge there.”

Well, Israel is done waiting and ordered about 100,000 Palestinians to evacuate Rafah and commenced “targeted” strikes in the eastern part of the city. These developments have caused deep concern within the Biden administration, which is closely monitoring the situation. While these actions do not yet amount to the full-scale attack that Netanyahu has hinted at, they signify a significant escalation.

Biden is so weak he can’t even get our allies to stop.

The Israeli 401st Brigade took operational control of the Rafah crossing, a critical point for entering and exiting Gaza. This move followed the deployment of tanks, flagged with Israeli banners, around the border gate, marking a substantial increase in military presence. Although Israel has controlled all of Gaza’s border crossings since its conflict with Hamas began seven months ago, the recent deployment represents a notable increase in military activity at this key location.



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