Pelosi Sits Down With CNN For Interview Following Biden Event

Oh boy, what a weekend it’s been! The Biden team and the Democrats are in full scramble mode, trying to explain away President Biden’s recent troubles. They’re caught in a real pickle: should Biden stay in the race or should they attempt to replace him? It seems they’re leaning towards riding out the storm, using the “one bad day” argument. But let’s face it, trying to replace him opens a whole new can of worms.

Here’s the situation: Biden’s engagement window seems to be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and heaven forbid any world crisis happens outside those hours or during his vacations. Even when he is “on,” he’s been struggling. And then there’s the logistical nightmare of replacing him with a candidate who might not even have enough support to win.

Now, Biden himself seems to be living in an alternate reality. He’s claimed that he swayed voters with his debate performance, which may be sort of true; he just swayed them away.

The Democrats are in panic mode and for the first time in a long time the press is at their throats. it’s probably they felt betrayed by the Dems who they took at face value when the White House said Biden is fine and the right is lying.

The debate and the appearances that followed blue that right out of the water.

During an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Rep. Nanccy Pelosi was asked about the growing calls for Biden to step aside, even from The New York Times and Biden’s friend, columnist Tom Friedman. Friedman pointed out that if Biden loses, it’s not just him who’s in trouble, but also his family, staff, and party members who enabled him. They might find it hard to face the public.

Pelosi stuck to the script, claiming, “We see Biden up close,” implying that in private, he’s not the stumbling figure we see in public. According to her, if Biden is incoherent, it’s just a “bad night.” However, this argument seems shaky at best. Pelosi herself struggled to articulate her defense, which only highlighted the issue further. Trying to prop up Biden with a faltering Pelosi might not be the best strategy.

She even went as far as to say that her constituents from Northern and Southern California are still solidly behind Biden and Kamala Harris. Pelosi framed it as an opportunity for Biden to “show his stamina,” but let’s be real—many feel he’s already missed that chance.

In a desperate twist, Pelosi attempted to deflect by suggesting that Trump has dementia. It’s almost laughable how she asks the public to ignore what they’re seeing with their own eyes.

In the video below watch Pelosi’s eyes around the 15 second mark, it’s as if she is reading whatever it is the talking points are:


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