KJP Answers Questions About Recent Layoffs

Sadly, there have been a lot of layoffs hitting the country, and it’s getting so intense it’s becoming an issue.

Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre was asked about all the red flags in the economy and the massive layoffs from significant companies.

“The President has also done a lot of work to get this economy going again.  Right?  He’s done a lot of work to make sure that this economy is — is being built from the bottom up, middle out,” she claimed.

Adding: “So, obviously, we’re always concerned hearing about layoffs, but at the same time, we are trying to build an economy that works for all and leaves no one behind.”

Note in the clip below that KJP is flipping through her binder to read the talking points before she speaks.

The Press Secretary also claimed that “when the President[Biden] walked into this administration, the economy was in a tailspin. He had to turn that around. He had to turn that around.”

By the way, as the White House acknowledges the layoff, Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told the House Financial Services Committee that the labor market is “strong.”

However, Americans are feeling something completely different.


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