Major Recall After Outbreak

Costco, Walmart, Trader Joe and other major retailers are scrambling to get dairy products tied to a deadly outbreak off there shelves.

Federal health official from the Food and Drug Amdinistration (FDA) and the CDC are working with local health official after a multistate outbreak of listeria infections linked to queso fresco and cotija cheese made by Rizo-Lopez foods.

Cheese, cream, and yogurt products have been impacted nationwide by the recall.

An investigation was opened when the illness began in December.

From Fox Business:

A sample of Rizo Bros Aged Cotija tested positive for listeria monocytogenes during a sampling conducted by the Hawaii State Department of Health’s Food and Drug Branch in January 2024, the FDA said.

As of Feb. 6, two dozen people have been infected across 11 states from June 15, 2014, to Dec. 10, 2023. Health officials warned that the number of illnesses “is likely higher than the number reported,” given that some people recover without medical care.

Of the people with information available, 23 have been hospitalized, according to the CDC. Two people have died, one from California and another from Texas.

Of the 22 people interviewed by health officials, about 73% of them reported eating queso fresco, cotija or similar cheeses.

Due to the outbreak multiple companies are recalling products that include various types of cheeses, cream and yogurt such as blanco suave, cotija, Oaxaca, panel, queso creme, queso fresco, queso para freir, queso sec, requeson and ricotta.

The FDS has posted 112 products sold by major retailers that have been recalled.


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