ABC Head Resigns

The mainstream media is suffering from another resignation as more media companies struggle.

Kim Godwin, President of ABC News, announced her departure from the network on Sunday night, following a significant restructuring within the company. Godwin’s announcement was made through an email to her colleagues, in which she expressed her decision to retire from broadcast journalism after a period of reflection, citing family and personal priorities as her main reasons.

Godwin, who took over as president in 2021, faced a challenging tenure marked by internal restructuring in February. This restructuring introduced Debra O’Connell as the new head of the parent Disney’s news group, reducing Godwin’s direct influence within the network. O’Connell, a seasoned executive at Disney, has previously conducted comprehensive reviews across Disney’s networks.

Before her role at ABC News, Godwin had joined from CBS. At ABC, she inherited a news division known for its solid ratings and powerhouse shows. Despite the success of major programs like “World News Tonight” and “Good Morning America,” under her leadership, those shows have tanked, making them a shell of what they used to be.

During her time at ABC, Godwin became a controversial figure. Criticism centered around her management style, with some insiders claiming that it stifled open discussion and failed to effectively address several challenges, including falling ratings.

In her farewell note, Godwin acknowledged her role as the first Black woman to lead a network news division, emphasizing the significance and responsibility of her position. She expressed pride in her contributions and wished the ABC News team continued success.

Currently, there has been no announced successor, but Disney – ABC’s parent company, is going through a major restructuring.


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