Congresswoman Refuses Interview With Fox News

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) really did not want to talk to a Fox News reporter about questions regarding a protest in her district.

Squad member, Tlaib, known for her extreme rhetoric and anti-Israeli views, didn’t want to comment about an incident that took place in her district lately. During an Islamic Al-Quds Day rally, attendees were heard yelling “Death to America” and comparing the US to World War II Germany.

When a Fox News reporter caught up with Tlaib, she flipped out.

Below is a partial transcript:

VAUGHN: Congresswoman Tlaib?

TLAIB: I don’t talk to Fox News! I don’t talk to Fox News!

VAUGHN: At a rally in your district people were chanting ‘Death to America’, do you condemn…

TLAIB: I do not talk to Fox News!

VAUGHN: But do you condemn chants of ‘Death to America’?

TLAIB: I don’t talk to people that use racist tropes.

VAUGHN: Why can’t you just say whether or not you condemn people chanting ‘Death to Amer…’ Why are you afraid to talk to Fox News?

TLAIB: Fox News is not, not, listen to me, using racist tropes towards my community is what Fox News is about and I don’t talk to Fox News.

VAUGHN: Is ‘Death to America’ racist?

TLAIB I don’t talk to Fox News.

VAUGHN: Is chanting ‘Death to America’ racist?

TLAIB: Talk about your guys’ racist tropes. You know, you guys know exactly what you do. And I know you’re ‘Islamophobic’, but you guys gotta go deal with it on your own self, you’re not gonna use me.

Tlaib has found herself in hot water the past few months. In November of 2023, she was censured for her rhetoric regarding the October 7th attack on Israel.


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