Gamers ID Company

As we previously reported, a front-line battle is going on between the left and sanity.

It doesn’t get much coverage more than likely because the left is losing and losing hard.

The most productive and lucrative in the entertainment industry are video game companies.

We recently reported about how a radical feminist was forced out of a gaming company because she was upset one of the protaginst female characters was good looking.

Gamers inside the industry have identified a company called “Sweet Baby Inc” which “has been infecting major video game releases from huge companies with leftist drivel, making it more appropriate for ‘modern audiences,’ but ultimately making the game horrifically bad with lazy, shallow writing that only appeals to one ideological group.”

The company’s ideology influenced two highly anticipated games but they tanked after making changes suggested by Sweet Baby.

Now a group of gamers have created an online group that identifies if a game has done businesses with “Sweet Baby” to “fix” their narratives. The group at this time has at least 121,000 members.

It’s caused a war on social media.

Sweet Baby Inc. employees attempted to direct harassment toward the online group leader whose online name is Kabrutusrambo. However, they didn’t realize the amount of support the group has and the backlash prompted the one of the employees to make his page private.

I know the video game industry is weird but there is a huge movement to shape these games with leftist propaganda.

However, there is a huge movement shutting them down.


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