Texas DPS Spokesman Gives Statement After Video

Things near El Paso, Texas are beggining to get tense.

There have been reports that an Indiana National Guard soldier deployed to Texas shot an illegal immigrant who was allegedly involved in a stabbing.

According to reports, the soldier observed a migrant stabbing others on the USA side of the border. The National Guardsman shot the immigrant with a knife, who then fled back into Mexico. Aid was rendered to the victims who sustained non-life threatening injuries.

In another incident a mob gathered attempting to tear barricades placed by the state of Texas. As a result pepper rounds were fired at the group who dispersed.

Chris Olivarez, who is a Lieutenant and spokesperson with the Texas Department of Public Safety in the South Texas Region said what happened was “an intentional act to damage state property. DPS Troopers & TX Guard Soldiers remain ready to take action. Texas Department of Saftey’s stance is clear – destroying state property is against the law. Period.”

According to a report from Bill Melgin new data has shown that the Biden administration has flown in 404,000 migrants directly into the USA under the CHNV parole program for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans,& Venezuelans.


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