UFC Stars In Interesting Pics

There’s two images that frankily most people haven’t seen and very little stories have been published about them but they are bigger than you think.

According to a social media post, the first image was taken back in May, but first, let’s get a little bit of background.

As the Trump administration came to a close, one of the things they were able to accomplish was international relations with countries that were once hostile with Israel in the Middle East. Additionally, the former President’s administration terminated ISIS in Syria. Lastly, the former President also kept Iran quiet and didn’t hesitate to take out international terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

Since the protests in 2024 broke out at college campuses and the conflict in Gaza, we’ve seen Biden struggle with support among Muslims.

That has resulted in a lot of pandering however, here’s why Biden may be pandering even more.

In the image below is UFC fighter Palestinian American Bilal “Remember the Name “ Mohammed. Bilal is very influential in the community and a rising star in mixed martial arts and note that he is with former Trump ambassador Richard Grenell. 

Then there was a second picture…

Many of you may have heard that former President Trump attended UFC 302 but was incredibly interesting was what took place after the main event.

Now retired and coach, UFC legend Kabib Nurmagomedov not only posed with Trump they discussed Palestine.

Folks the left has no idea how to handle the discussion that took place below:

However, now you may understand why Biden is pandering.


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