Biden Signs Another Controversial EO

If you thought Joe’s credit score rule was bad just wait.

We are here to report on the latest news regarding President Joe Biden’s executive order on Friday. The executive order compels the entire federal government to prioritize “environmental justice” and address the impact of climate change on minority groups.

In other words, get ready for the Green New Deal that would never survive a vote in Congress.

According to a statement from the White House, racial discrimination has created a situation in which minority groups are more likely to suffer from various environmental harms and are more susceptible to the impact of climate change. To address this issue, President Biden has created the White House Office of Environmental Justice, which will be led by a Federal Chief Environmental Justice Officer to coordinate environmental justice policy across the federal government.

The executive order will deepen the “whole-of-government” approach to climate change, which President Biden has frequently touted. It makes clear that the pursuit of environmental justice is a duty of all executive branch agencies and should be incorporated into their missions. The order also directs the agencies to consider measures that address adverse environmental and health impacts on communities, including the cumulative impacts of pollution and other burdens like climate change.

But it’s not just about climate change.

“Racism is a fundamental driver of environmental injustice,” the statement continued, adding that the order “directs agencies to actively facilitate meaningful public participation and just treatment of all people in agency decision-making.”

President Biden unveiled the executive order in the Rose Garden on Friday, and left for vacation again.



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