Police Clear Protestors At Columbia

    On the night of April 30, 2024, it appeared that the word had gone out in New York City, and it was time for the protests to end.

    A group of protestors had taken over a building on Columbia’s campus and leaders at the school seemed to feel enough was enough.

    The morning after there was an interesting paragraph at the bottom of a Dailywire article.

    From the Dailywire post reporting on police retaking the building at Columbia and clearing out the encampment:

    Columbia University President Minouche Shafik said in a letter to the NYPD requesting their assistance that the school believes that outside extremists were responsible for much of what had happened.

    “We believe that while the group who broke into the building includes students, it is led by individuals who are not affiliated with the University,” she wrote.

    CBS New York reporter Ali Bauman posted on X that New York City Hall sources told the news station that they have evidence that “the wife of a known terrorist is with protestors on Columbia University campus.” The post went viral before Bauman later deleted it.

    There was a lot of chatter online that the claim that the wife of a convicted terrorist funder, Sami Al-Arian, was seen in the encampment was misinformation.

    However, it was Mayor Eric Adams that confirmed Al-Arian’s wife, Nahlah, was “among those who joined anti-Israel protesters.”

    There’s also been a report that a New York City Anti-Israel non-profit met with activists just hours before storming a building on Columbia University.

    Additionally, there are more reports that the majority of the 300 arrested at Columbia University were not students.


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