Biden Gives Speech Addressing Navalny

President Joe Biden made remarks after the death of Alexei Navalny, who Putin imprisoned.

The President used the speech to attack former President Trump and pressure the House to pass the Senate foreign aid bill.

President Biden appeared to have a mental laspe while attacking Trump over comments the former President made when he pressured allies to pay more into NATO.

“All of us should reject the dangerous statements made by [Trump] that invited Russia to invade our NATO allies if they weren’t paying up,” Biden said. “He said if an ally did not pay their dues, he’d encourage Russia to quote, do whatever the hell they want.”

Biden’s eye twitched twice – more dramatically the second time – and there was a long pause.

“I guess I should clear my mind here a little bit and not say what I’m really thinking,” Biden added.

Biden, who takes tons of vacations attacked Congress for going on their scheduled break.

Joe lost it and began yelling.

Biden was asked about the inquiry into him being impeachment.

As the President left to head to Ohio he seemed confused.

When it comes to going on the record over the last few weeks it’s not clear who is worse Fani Willis or Joe Biden.


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