Biden Swings By Gas Station During PA Visit

So Biden’s trip to Pennsylvania was interesting to say the least.

During his visit, Joe mixed up cities in Israel, slurred his words, and talked about cannibals.

Oh, and he tried to copy Trump and failed miserably.

Since former President Trump is stuck in New York City for his trial, he decided to make a visit to a Harlem bodega.

Note the crowd of people and the barricades.

President Trump visit the bodega where one of the workers stabbed a man who attacked him. The bodega worker was arrested and charged by city DA Alvin Bragg. Those charges were latter dropped after an uproar from the community.

For some reason the Biden team thought they would do the same thing but they didn’t get the same result. They sent Biden into a connivence store/gas station and below is what happened.

What a mess.

Howard Mortman from CSPAN reported that Biden was met with protests in Pittsburg.

Biden’s trip had several bizarre moments.

Below is now the infamous “cannibal” story.

This happened as well.



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