A MSNBC Host Social Media Post Creates A Lot Of Discussion

    Let’s rewind back to 2022 for a minute.

    The reports all pointed to a “red wave” and in some parts of the country there was and in others the results were terrible.

    For example, North Carolina became a red state again; Democrats complained that all of Obama’s work in the state was gone as voters gave the legislator a GOP veto-proof majority.

    However, in states like Pennsylvania, it was a disaster.

    Even though Fetterman was fried during a debate the state overwhelmingly voted him over Dr. Oz.

    The guy had a stroke, needed computer assistance and Democrats in mass voted to support him.

    Which brings us to MSNBC host Joy Reid.

    Reid is no stranger to heated discussion, and her latest comments have sparked quite the conversation. She boldly stated that she would vote for Joe Biden “even if he’s in a coma,” as a measure to keep Trump from a potential return to the White House.

    Wondering about the context? This came amidst increasing concerns regarding Biden’s ability to lead, following a less-than-impressive debate performance. Reid candidly expressed her frustrations, stating, “Let me know when you guys are finished fighting amongst yourselves who I gotta vote for in November to keep Hitler out the White House.” Quite a statement, right?

    Her remarks can be seen as a criticism of the Democratic party’s internal conflicts and their struggles against the Republicans, whom she accused of supporting harmful ideologies. Reid seems significantly disillusioned with the Democratic party’s leadership, going as far as declaring, “if it’s Biden in a coma, I’m gonna vote for Biden in a coma.”

    She also admitted that she doesn’t “even like the guy[Biden].”


    There’s a lot of people on the left that are just like Reid.

    Also, it looks like this is the next storyline:


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