Taylor Swift Threatens Lawsuit Over Flight Info

We called it just a few days ago.

We recently reported that the left was getting upset at Taylor Swift’s fame.

New York magazine’s Vulture noted that Swift has “more wins in the category than all Black [sic] women combined.”

Rush Limbaugh used to have a saying, and Swift should wise up. Below is an excerpt he made during the demise of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo:

The media cannot destroy you if they’re not the ones who make you. But if the media makes you, in other words, let’s say you have a TV show and it’s actually number 10 in the market but the media loves you and they write about it all the time, and they talk about it all the time, and they promote it, and they make everybody think it’s number one. The day comes when they don’t like you, they can take you out. Because you never have been what they say you are. If they build you up and it’s unreal and untrue, they can take you out. And that is an overriding philosophy that I, whenever I’m asked by anybody in this business or in an ancillary way, do not go the PR route, do not try to have buzz and PR define your success.

Well, recently, it is happened.

Swift’s lawyers have sent multiple letters threatening Jack Sweeny, a University of Central Florida college student to stop tracking and sharing her flight information.

In 2022, Sweeny became famous for creating bots to track and share the location of several billionaires to highlight their “disproportionately high” impact on the climate.

“While this may be a game to you, or an avenue that you hope will earn you wealth or fame, it is a life-or-death matter for our Client,” Swift attorney Katie Wright Morrone wrote in a letter shared with the Washington Post.

Well…Some of her fans are not happy.

Editor for the Babylon Bee Ashley St. Clair put a bunch of posts about the issue together and commented on the scandal.

It was recently reported that Swift did sell off one of her jets for $7 million amid the controversy.

To be fair, Taylor Swift has been a victim of a stalker who has been arrested several times. initially, the alleged stalker was released because of New York City’s bail laws. However, he immediately returned to the area near the pop star’s home and was arrested again. This time he was held without bail for violating the protective order imposed on him by the judge.

The whole Swifty world is upset at each other and its seems another Rush Limbaugh principle is about to come true.


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