More Court Filings Made Before Fulton County Hearing

New details have come out about Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s alleged behavior with Nathan Wade.

The witness will testify that Willis “cohabitated” with Wade at her home and that the relationship between the two began in 2019. That was three years before Willis and Wade claimed the relationship started and before Wade’s appointment to a special prosecutor.

According to court records, witnesses will testify that DA Willis and Wade cohabitated at an Airbnb rental “that was paid for by taxpayer money.” It is alleged that the rental home was known as the “safe house” and used as a romantic getaway.

In a previous filing, DA Willis and Wade admitted to a “personal relationship” that began in 2022, before Trump’s 2023 indictment. They also claim that Wade used personal funds for a vacation, not the $700k Fulton County paid him.

This is sort of ridiculous. If he’s exclusively working for Fulton County, then that’s where his personal funds came from.

Willis does not want evidentiary hearing concerned about herself and Wade (and members of their staff) from testifying.

Unless the receipts are incorrect, Willis may have a problem. She told the court that the “financial responsibility for personal travel is divided roughly evenly between the two.”

The problem with that claim – assuming what has been made available public is true – is that there are receipts that say otherwise.

What happens next? A hearing has been scheduled for February 15, 2024, and we’ll have to see what happens next.


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