Biden Swings Through Pennsylvania

It has been reported that President Joe Biden is making strategic moves on the campaign trail, particularly capitalizing on the timing of his rival, Donald Trump, who is currently engaged in a court trial. This week, while Trump attended his hush money trial in New York, Biden toured Pennsylvania, his birth state and a vital battleground in the election.

Biden’s three-day Pennsylvania journey included a visit to his childhood home and campaigning alongside notable figures like the Kennedys. During this time, Trump was in a New York courtroom, a situation he described as “freezing” and restrictive to his campaigning efforts.

At a gathering in Pennsylvania, Biden jabbed at his predecessor’s current engagement in court, eliciting laughter from his audience. He remarked, “Under my predecessor — who’s busy right now — Pennsylvania lost 275,000 jobs.” This comment marked Biden’s first public acknowledgment of Trump’s trial since it commenced.

He may be busy but former President Trump doesn’t randomly start talking about cannibals either. 

Kate Bedingfield, a former White House communications director, bragged about toBiden’s approach as the “Trump’s in the courtroom, Biden’s in Pennsylvania strategy.”

If that’s his “plan,” they may want to get another one because Biden was so out of it he started talking about cannibals.

During a staged pop in at a gas station Biden struggled with a box.

The whole event was cringingly scripted.

Now here is former President Trump going to a bodega in New York City.

Here’s some of what Joe said while in Philadelphia.

So if this is Joe’s plan they may want a new one.


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