Pelosi Response To Biden Doc Scandal Spells Bad News For Joe

Pelosi decided to sit down with disgraced and humiliated CNN’s Chris Wallace and her answers about Biden were telling.

“Even if the facts were to bear out that Trump committed a crime and should be charged, isn’t it, as a practical matter, impossible [to charge him] given the fact that Biden had documents in his office, and had documents in his home?” Wallace asked after playing a montage of Pelosi’s statements about Trump’s document “scandal.”

“It depends,” Pelosi said. “The attorney general asked someone to review to see if a special prosecutor was recommended. He said yes, there was a special prosecutor for Joe Biden, even though the cases are quite different. We don’t know until the special prosecutor does all of the investigation. When you say is it harder? I don’t know. I don’t know. It just depends on what comes out of the investigations.”

“President Biden has said his lawyers are finding these and bringing them out,” Pelosi told Wallace. “President Trump was obstructing access to them. So I think you look at volume, you look at procedure, and then you have to see what the nature of the document, but we don’t know what the nature is.”


Notice that Pelosi didn’t defend Biden, and that is telling. Remember, this whole Biden document mess was created by the Democrats. The former speaker of the House is right that the two cases are completely different.

Former President Trump had the legal ability to declassify documents and take them. Up until taking office Biden never had that authority.

There were some interesting words made by Joe’s old buddy Senator Chris Coons.

The Democrat Senator said the people should decide.

They have…

Washington Examiner 


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