Police Respond To Protest At California College

In recent events, a wave of pro-Palestine protests has swept across U.S. college campuses, including a notable incident at California Polytechnic University in Arcata, California. On Monday evening, approximately 300 students occupied Siemens Hall, setting up what can best be described as a makeshift encampment with beds and tents. This action was part of a broader movement that saw protests at other prestigious institutions such as Columbia, New York University, and Yale.

These encampments are quickly spreading around the country.

The situation escalated at California Polytechnic when law enforcement, including riot police from the California Highway Patrol, was summoned around 8 pm due to the intensity of the standoff. Notably, during these events, a truck intended to transport arrested students fled after students surrounded it. The confrontation drew attention nationwide, particularly as students utilized slogans like “Free, Free, Free Palestine,” resonating with similar movements across various universities.

You know what’s sort of funny? Back in 2020, during the summer protests, they didn’t wear masks. Now look at them…

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman, known for his support of Israel, critiqued university leadership across the country in a tweet, emphasizing a perceived lack of transparency and decisiveness among university presidents facing such crises. As the night progressed, law enforcement left, leaving the protesters in control of the building.

In other words they let them win.

Senator Josh Hawley has said that state authorities need to call in the National Guard; however, some believe that this is the left’s problem and they should be left to deal with it.

For example, the professor who wasn’t allowed into Columbia? Conservative commentator Mike Cernovich did a little digging.

Another video popped up online during a takeover in Evergreen college showing students demanding the faculty support them. When staff pushed back the student protestors reminded them that they were the ones who taught them how to take over a campus.


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