Press Sec Literally FLEES Reporters As The Press Pounces – WATCH

One has to wonder how much longer Karine Jean-Pierre will stick around as Press Secretary. The fact is she isn’t very good at her job and even the mainstream media reporters are holding her feet to the fire over the Joe Biden document scandal.

Usually, when Democrats find themselves in hot water, as long as you give half-decent responses to the scandal, the press gives you cover.

None of that is happening.

KJP is getting run over by the press, and they aren’t easing up.

In all seriousness, though, they are getting what they deserve. Eggs are literally a luxury item right now, and the administration has the audacity to say…

What’s got the press riled up is what KJP said on January 14, 2023.

Below is her answer just three days later.

The grilling went so bad she made a break for it. Just watch her facial expressions.

The next day things were even worse.

KJP likes to answer questions by asking the press to refer to the Department of Justice over questions regarding the document scandal. Since the Press Secretary doesn’t like to ask questions, one reporter asked if the White House would make the DOJ available to answer questions. KJP flat-out said, “No.”

The White House is now refusing to answer any questions about their corruption.

The snobbery continued.


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