RINO Shellshocked After They Just Got Some Very Bad News

RINOs continue to take hits, and GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel just got hit with another one.

The Hill reports:

The Alabama Republican Party said it would not support Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel in her bid to again lead the national organization, another blow in what is already shaping up to be her toughest leadership challenge to date.

“The Alabama Republican Party’s Steering Committee cannot support or endorse Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair and declare our vote of no-confidence in her leadership,” the state’s party said in a statement that was first reported by ABC.

A letter signed by 27 GOP mega-donors are denouncing her leadership and want her gone. There’s a good reason too. Since taking over the GOP, she’s lost the House twice and now the Senate.

“We cannot continue on our current trajectory as a Republican Party. We must change, in order to fulfill our promise to Republican voters to win elections. After three consecutive losing election cycles and decades of a handful of consultants plundering Party resources, many members of the RNC seem content to double down on the incumbent leadership that is presently failing us,” the letter said. “The once great Party of Lincoln is on the verge of permanent irrelevance if we fail to come together to correct course.”

Adding, “the Republican Party currently faces the most organized, radical, and weaponized Democrat Party the nation has ever seen. Despite this clear and present threat to our freedom, the highest levels of the Republican National Committee appear to be more focused on blaming others for their lack of leadership and lining the pockets of cherry-picked consultants than on winning elections.”

McDaniel, a Mitt Romney family member, has been a loser since taking over.

The only reason why she got the job in the first place was that Trump wanted to give RINOs McDaniel as a sign of goodwill when he took office.

It is clear, conservatives and regular Republicans are done with RINOS destroying the party.


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